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Key learnings from #2013CES Social Media Conversations

The Marketing Cloud team shared the final report on Social Media trends during CES 2013.

CES 2013 – Final Social Media Data Report from Salesforce Marketing Cloud

Link to the article: #2013CES Social Media Conversation: What Happens in Vegas Gets Tweeted – Salesforce Marketing Cloud.

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All you need is Klout !

I just found out this great article on about what your Klout Score really means. For the ones that haven’t heard about it, your Klout Score measures your influence on the internet on a scale ranging from 1 to 100.


The author explains that more and more companies use your Klout score to rank their customers. He gives a number of examples including one of the Palms Casino Resort in Vegas.

At the Palms Casino Resort in Las Vegas last summer, clerks surreptitiously looked up guests’ Klout scores as they checked in. Some high scorers received instant room upgrades, sometimes without even being told why. According to Greg Cannon, the Palms’ former director of ecommerce, the initiative stirred up tremendous online buzz. He says that before its Klout experiment, the Palms had only the 17th-largest social-networking following among Las Vegas-based hotel-casinos. Afterward, it jumped up to third on Facebook and has one of the highest Klout scores among its peers.

I just checked my score and I have 48 ! Which is not too bad, but way too low compared to Justin Bieber who has the maximum score: 100.

Who has the biggest Klout ?

So, please like my articles, follow me on Twitter… Can’t wait to go to Vegas and get my room upgrades 🙂

Source: What Your Klout Score Really Means | Epicenter |