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Pimp Your Resume – Tips on How to Make Your Resume Stand Out

So you’ve seen your dream job vacancy, but you’re dreaded because you might end up sending your CV into a black hole. So how do you make your CV stand out to command attention? It might quirk you to learn that a few simple things can make or mar your CV’s appeal. These include:


The sans-serif font choices including Verdana, Aerial, Trebuchet, and Tahoma have become the norm for appealing CVs these days. These fonts, which are popularly known to have no “feet”, are the sleekest, clearest font choices today. But the serif fonts aren’t total taboos either, as they still find favor among very traditional employers who still prefer these fonts because they find wide use in traditional prints and newspapers.


There is more freedom of choice for this parameter, as any text size between 9pts and 12pts is suitable for a standard CV. Note here that the choice font also determines the appropriate text size. 10pts or 11point fits most fonts. Headings must come in font sizes larger than that of the rest of the texts so they can stand out and guide the reader appropriately.


Write certain parts of your resume in bold or italics to highlight their greater significance. These parts might include job titles, years of experience, as well as the various subheadings. However, one way to get it all wrong is to apply the style changes inconsistently, like using UPPERCASE lettering for just one or only some of the subheadings. The spacing and punctuation must also be consistent throughout.


Like the above-mentioned parameters, margins can have a huge impact on your CV’s readability. The margin determines the size of the white space bordering the body of the text, and can therefore determine the length of the copy. By choosing the right font-size, you can avoid extending the text by just one or two lines into another page. Use a margin size of anything between 0.5” and 1”, and maintain consistency in size choice for all four sides.

You don’t have to struggle with getting it right with indents, even if you’ve not quite gotten the hangs of the tab settings. The trick is to ensure that all indents are properly vertically aligned down the page. Also ensure that if indents are applied on bullets lists, they are applied consistently throughout.


By paying attention appropriately to the parameters outlined above while composing your CV, you can make your CV stand out from a sea of entries. The catch here is to make the CV as readable as possible so employees can easily spot and read through your CV from a pile of CVs. It’s also advisable to use hyperlinks that lead to relevant web pages like your social media accounts and website. Also, you must ensure that every word counts.