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Your Facebook organic posts views will decline !

“Your Facebook organic posts views will decline !” and “Buy some Facebook ads if you want to be seen”. This is the summary of the post on the Facebook for Business page describing the changes to the Post algorythm:

People are connecting and sharing more than ever. On a given day, when someone visits News Feed, there are an average of 1,500 possible stories we can show.

As a result, competition for each News Feed story is increasing. Because the content in News Feed is always changing, and we’re seeing more people sharing more content, pages will likely see changes in distribution. For many pages, this includes a decline in organic reach. We expect this trend to continue as the competition for each story remains strong and we focus on quality.

As the dynamic nature of News Feed continues to follow people’s patterns of sharing, page owners should continue using the most effective strategy to reach the right people: a combination of engaging page posts and advertising to promote your message more broadly. Advertising lets pages reach the fans they already have, and find new customers, as well. The fans you have matter. In addition to being some of the most loyal customers, fans also make the advertising on Facebook even more effective.

Ultimately, what’s good for people on Facebook is good for the businesses that use Facebook to reach and engage them. One of the ways we maintain a good balance between the two is by making sure News Feed is as interesting and timely as possible. We’ll continue to provide updates about how News Feed works, so stay tuned.

While I understand the reason behind the move: Facebook doesn’t want to be a like a highway full of billboards. It will make it harder and harder for organisations to justify the use of Facebook to engage with fans and customers. Companies will need to increase their budgets for ads and sponsored posts on the site.