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Social Media Command Center at #CES2013

Salesforce has posted a video showcasing the Social Media Command Center at #CES2013.


The Social Media Command Center has been a huge success during CES 2013

Media Buzz:
“With an impressive setup on the trade show floor, Salesforce and the CEA are making sense of the more than 150,000 social mentions about CES each day….Salesforce has tracked more than 3.4 million conversations about CES to date, Peachey said, which explains why the company has brought a small army to help it react to the onslaught of reactions in real time.” – CNET


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Social Data Report from Day 1 at CES


CES data report Day 1 from Salesforce Marketing Cloud
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Why you should not schedule tweets !

A Twitter account belonging to a journal associated with the National Rifle Association (@NRA_Rifleman) was sent out on Friday morning, a couple of hours after the killing in Colorado.

The tweet said:

What have we learned today: don’t do scheduled tweets…

More info on the Huffington Post website:

NRA Tweet: Pro-Gun Group Sends Out Unfortunate Message After Aurora Shooting UPDATED.


Is Twitter useful ?

Someone told me that Twitter is a great way to shout in 140 characters meaningless messages to the world that no one cares about.

When I heard it I entirely agreed with that point of view. It was also the time when I saw a lot of friends updating their Facebook status with great messages such as “Ooh no it’s Monday” or “Coffee Time” or even better “Thanks God it’s Friday”. This level or Philosophy was way too complex for my simple brain. And I was scared to follow 1000 people telling me in short messages that they were going for lunch or that they came back from a coffee break.

Communication is about at least two people and a message. The message needs to be relevant while the two people (transmitter and receiver) need to care. If we take the assumption that the two people involved care because they are following each other. It means that the message needs to be useful, relevant or meaningful. This is why it is critical that all involved parties think about posting or sharing information.

If your message(s) are not relevant, your followers will start to ignore you. And nobody likes to be ignored (or at least not me 😉 )

I will try on my blog to cover topics or share insights that will help you make a better use of Twitter for yourself or for your business.