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Pimp Your Resume – Tips on How to Make Your Resume Stand Out

So you’ve seen your dream job vacancy, but you’re dreaded because you might end up sending your CV into a black hole. So how do you make your CV stand out to command attention? It might quirk you to learn that a few simple things can make or mar your CV’s appeal. These include:


The sans-serif font choices including Verdana, Aerial, Trebuchet, and Tahoma have become the norm for appealing CVs these days. These fonts, which are popularly known to have no “feet”, are the sleekest, clearest font choices today. But the serif fonts aren’t total taboos either, as they still find favor among very traditional employers who still prefer these fonts because they find wide use in traditional prints and newspapers.


There is more freedom of choice for this parameter, as any text size between 9pts and 12pts is suitable for a standard CV. Note here that the choice font also determines the appropriate text size. 10pts or 11point fits most fonts. Headings must come in font sizes larger than that of the rest of the texts so they can stand out and guide the reader appropriately.


Write certain parts of your resume in bold or italics to highlight their greater significance. These parts might include job titles, years of experience, as well as the various subheadings. However, one way to get it all wrong is to apply the style changes inconsistently, like using UPPERCASE lettering for just one or only some of the subheadings. The spacing and punctuation must also be consistent throughout.


Like the above-mentioned parameters, margins can have a huge impact on your CV’s readability. The margin determines the size of the white space bordering the body of the text, and can therefore determine the length of the copy. By choosing the right font-size, you can avoid extending the text by just one or two lines into another page. Use a margin size of anything between 0.5” and 1”, and maintain consistency in size choice for all four sides.

You don’t have to struggle with getting it right with indents, even if you’ve not quite gotten the hangs of the tab settings. The trick is to ensure that all indents are properly vertically aligned down the page. Also ensure that if indents are applied on bullets lists, they are applied consistently throughout.


By paying attention appropriately to the parameters outlined above while composing your CV, you can make your CV stand out from a sea of entries. The catch here is to make the CV as readable as possible so employees can easily spot and read through your CV from a pile of CVs. It’s also advisable to use hyperlinks that lead to relevant web pages like your social media accounts and website. Also, you must ensure that every word counts.

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Your Facebook organic posts views will decline !

“Your Facebook organic posts views will decline !” and “Buy some Facebook ads if you want to be seen”. This is the summary of the post on the Facebook for Business page describing the changes to the Post algorythm:

People are connecting and sharing more than ever. On a given day, when someone visits News Feed, there are an average of 1,500 possible stories we can show.

As a result, competition for each News Feed story is increasing. Because the content in News Feed is always changing, and we’re seeing more people sharing more content, pages will likely see changes in distribution. For many pages, this includes a decline in organic reach. We expect this trend to continue as the competition for each story remains strong and we focus on quality.

As the dynamic nature of News Feed continues to follow people’s patterns of sharing, page owners should continue using the most effective strategy to reach the right people: a combination of engaging page posts and advertising to promote your message more broadly. Advertising lets pages reach the fans they already have, and find new customers, as well. The fans you have matter. In addition to being some of the most loyal customers, fans also make the advertising on Facebook even more effective.

Ultimately, what’s good for people on Facebook is good for the businesses that use Facebook to reach and engage them. One of the ways we maintain a good balance between the two is by making sure News Feed is as interesting and timely as possible. We’ll continue to provide updates about how News Feed works, so stay tuned.

While I understand the reason behind the move: Facebook doesn’t want to be a like a highway full of billboards. It will make it harder and harder for organisations to justify the use of Facebook to engage with fans and customers. Companies will need to increase their budgets for ads and sponsored posts on the site.


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It’s time to test your Facebook page

We spend a lot of time testing our products, our websites, our blogs but never our Social Presences…
It is something that sounds very logical and still I must say that I am guilty of not testing mine often.
I’m sharing this great post explaining how to test your Facebook page.

Why you need to be testing your Facebook page

Let me know if it worked for you…


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Need help in writing your social media policy ?

Now that your organisation understands the importance of social, you decide to put in place a social media policy. You need to educate your employees on how to use Social Media and what are the implications for the company. Your policy needs to be comprehensive but not too complex.

Shannon Johnson has written a great article explaining how to craft a social media policy that is useful. The 7 key elements are:

  1. Identify the Purpose
  2. Sync with Established Corporate Principles
  3. Get Approval from Legal, IT, HR and the Executive Team
  4. Write in Plain English
  5. Conform to Your Company Culture
  6. Make it as Brief as Possible
  7. Direct Employees to More Information

Here are some additional useful resources.

Hope you will find the material useful.


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Social Media Command Center at #CES2013

Salesforce has posted a video showcasing the Social Media Command Center at #CES2013.


The Social Media Command Center has been a huge success during CES 2013

Media Buzz:
“With an impressive setup on the trade show floor, Salesforce and the CEA are making sense of the more than 150,000 social mentions about CES each day….Salesforce has tracked more than 3.4 million conversations about CES to date, Peachey said, which explains why the company has brought a small army to help it react to the onslaught of reactions in real time.” – CNET


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Key learnings from #2013CES Social Media Conversations

The Marketing Cloud team shared the final report on Social Media trends during CES 2013.

CES 2013 – Final Social Media Data Report from Salesforce Marketing Cloud

Link to the article: #2013CES Social Media Conversation: What Happens in Vegas Gets Tweeted – Salesforce Marketing Cloud.

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Facebook leads the market in 127 countries

The Next Web has a great article on the domination of Facebook on all social network

An impressive number is the growth in Asia. Asia with its 278 million users beats Europe (251 million).

The top 5 social networks worldwide are: Facebook, QZone, V Kontakte, Odnoklassniki, and Cloob.

World map of top social networks shows just five left, Facebook dominates 127 out of 137 countries - The Next Web

Link to the original article:


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8 tips to increase brand engagement on Facebook

MIT did an amazing study on 8 ways to increase engagement on your Facebook wall. Here are the 8 key ideas:

1. Express yourself through photos.


2. Be topical. Keep up with the times.


3. Don’t hesitate to be in your face.

4. Share the validation.


5. Educate the fans.


6. Humanize the brand.


7. Humor is the best social medicine.

8. Ask to be “liked.”

Original article: How to Create Brand Engagement on Facebook.

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Social Media Command Center article by Mike Lazerow

Here is a great article by Mike Lazerow, founder of Buddy Media and Serial Entrepreneur on Social Media Command Centers.

Social Media Command Centers are used by key organisations such as Nestle, Red Cross, Gatorade or Clemson University.

More than a Social Media tool these Command Centers are a clear commitment from these organisation to Social Media.

Article: Examples of Social Media Command Centers for the World’s Largest Brands – Salesforce Marketing Cloud.

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Social Media for Business Content Marketing Benchmarks Study

My colleague Jeff Cohen, author of the B2B Social Media Book, shared with me this great resource.This study shows a couple of great ideas:

  • More than 90% of the B2B Social Media marketeers have a content strategy
  • LinkedIn, Twitter and Facebook are the main social networks for B2B marketing
  • 33% of the marketing budget is spent on content marketing

B2B Content Marketing: 2013 Benchmarks, Budgets, and Trends—North America from MarketingProfs
MarketingProfs ia fantastic go to resource for Social Media Marketing.I strongly recommend to register for their newsletter.